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Trailer storage available

BD special.    Only the trailer length gets counted, not the extra length of the tongue.

Flamborough center.

Outdoor is 1.50 ft per month tax INC.

Indoor is 2.00/month tax inc but the only storage I have left is in a hoop house. (Tent trailers and boats fit but the door is only 8 ft high)

With indoor we start pulling them out In April but can still remain on site just not in the hoop house in the busy growing season.

10 minutes from Burlington, employees on site 6 days a week and we also live on the property.

We require a text or message when your going in and out to ensure safety.

fb messenger me (Steve Hoover in the bd’s)


Contact Information
Phone: 647-239-7026
BD Special:

Burlington dad that does storage already for many bds.

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