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Welcome to the Burlington Dads Auction Page! This online auction is a dynamic and exciting way to raise funds for some great causes. We welcome everyone to register and bid (you don’t need to be a BD!)

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    • To participate in our online auction, you MUST register on the website. This process involves creating an account and providing necessary information, including payment information.
  • Browsing and Bidding:
    • Once registered, you can bid on all items up for auction. Each item will have a detailed description, images, and relevant information. To place a bid, simply click on the item of interest or the “gavel icon”.
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    • Auctions have a predetermined duration during which participants can place bids. Keep an eye on the countdown timer to stay informed about the time remaining.
  • Competitive Bidding:
    • Bidding is a competitive process where participants strive to bid the highest for an item. The highest bid at the end of the auction wins the item. If you become outbid, you will receive a notification and can resubmit a higher bid.
  • Winning and Payment:
    • If you have the highest bid when the auction closes, congratulations! You win the item. The next step is we will process payment and your item can be picked up.
  1. Click “Bid”:
    • Navigate to the item you want to bid on and click the “Bid” button.
  2. Enter Bid Amount:
    • Enter your bid amount.
  3. Confirm Bid:
    • Confirm your bid. Some items may have bid increments, so be aware of the minimum amount you can bid.
  4. Monitor Bidding Activity:
    • Keep an eye on the bidding activity to stay informed about competing bids. You can choose to increase your bid if necessary.

Remember, participating in our online auction is a thrilling experience, and we encourage fair and responsible bidding. Happy bidding!

About this Auction

One of our own, that many of us are really close with, is dealing with a life altering horror story. He has donated many items to many auctions and events and has always been active on the page. Also some others in the affected family, are BD families too. And we will be helping them as well.

Our close friend Mike Dawson and his family drove to Disney for the holidays. On the drive back going through the Carolinas, an hour away from their hotel, a drunk driver drove down an exit ramp and onto the highway and comes straight at them. His wife(Rebecca), himself and his two daughters swerved out of the way missing it by inches but his mother and sister in the car behind were not as fortunate. They were hit head-on with both vehicles travelling 110-120km/hr

This affected many in the Dawson/Lehman/Lakatos families.

Mike was first on the scene and managed to get his mom conscious while emergency crews had to cut open the car to remove his sister.

His mom is recovering and hopes that she may be able to be transported back to Ontario in a week or so.

His sister Jessy(pregnant) unfortunately passed away late in the evening on January 11, 2024. The family has donated her organs in hopes that they can help other family’s going through their own tragedy or complications.

Many of the families that flew down to South Carolina will stay until Sunday to be able to support them while they can, then will have to fly home and try to cope from here while Mike stays in South Carolina with his brother and aunt.

To say these expenses of hotels/food/last minute flights for his family to get home, some family not being able to work for possibly a month or months, they need some help and that’s why we are here.

Medical expenses for his family are all covered under their health insurance.

So this is my ask of this group.

1- we are asking anyone with the ability to help throw any funds their way, to etransfer ( or bid on auction items in support.
All funds sent will go directly to each member of the family incurring costs due to this unthinkable tragedy. We aren’t just here to support Mike and his immediate family, but also support Jessy’s Fiancé Norbert, her siblings Matt, Jayme, Pam and all others that travelled to South Carolina to be their and support.

3- Pray. Keep him and his family in your thoughts

Times are tough for everyone and we realize this. There isn’t a good time for this type of thing to happen, but when it does, this is why we are Dads Helping Others.
Not the way we wanted 2024 to start.

Please bid generously, thank you.

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