The Official Burlington Dads Shop!

Welcome, BD’s! This store is hopefully what everyone has been asking for. Great, quality items, good selection and easy to buy.

– Buy anything and you can get a FREE Burlington Dads Membership Card tossed into your order. (If you don’t buy anything we put them up for $5 bucks)

We’re making those items free to our membership so we can really get out there and do more to connect great BD’s with great BD business and show even more places were BD’s are warmly welcomed. Additionally – we all want to make something very clear – We will make a few bucks off of these things. The margins aren’t massive BUT it is our intention to turn a profit and that profit will go to charity. If you have ANY questions, comments or ideas for the shop or website or other – just send us a quick email – So – thank you for your support – get shopping – get representing! #dadshelpingothers

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