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Brian Laundry
Brian Laundry - Insurance & Planning Expert
Brian LaundryBrian Laundry - Insurance & Planning Expert
678 Spring Gardens Road, Burlington, ON, Canada

It’s not awards that drive Brian Laundry, though having been recognized as a Manulife Elite Advisor as well as a Hollis Insurance/PPI Top Advisor for seven consecutive years, his record speaks for itself. What drives Brian is a quest to be the best in the financial planning business – offering advisors and clients alike the best possible advice for achieving financial objectives.

Brian has developed a strategic network of professionals, including financial advisors, investment advisors and accountants, in order to deliver a multifaceted approach to tax and insurance consulting. As part of his process he works tirelessly to glean a complete understanding of the needs, objectives and financial obligations at play, and then applies his expertise to recommend an optimal and nuanced course of action. In particular, Brian brings deep expertise surrounding the biggest threat to Canadians’ finances – taxes.

But while Brian knows that the results count – and in this industry, they count a lot – he thrives on delivering the best end-to-end experience. “I get a real charge out of helping people,” he says. “I get even more of a charge when people tell me how great the experience has been. Aside from spending time with my family, nothing is more exciting, energizing and fulfilling than building my business. I love my industry.”

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Contact Information
Phone: 905-330-2366
BD Special:

I'll speak to any BD about their insurance, questions about the financial planning/investment industry or corporate tax planning without cost. Do not hesitate to reach out.

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