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245 Wyecroft Road, Oakville, ON, Canada L6K 3Y6

JL Realty Group (Justin Loncaric) helps Burlington families move up to their next home.

Watch my video to learn the 3 things you NEED to know to maximize the value of your home before you put it on the market!

I focus on helping upsizing families because I understand how stressful it is to move as a parent. We’ve gone from being two single people living in an apartment, to a family with 3 kids and dogs.

Life moves so fast. Yours has too. I’m sure.

This is how we know what families need. My team and I have had the same issues that you’re having now.

Kids that can’t be in the same room, let alone share a bedroom.

The loss of every available space in your home for anything you want to do.

Living on a street or a neighbourhood that doesn’t feel safe to raise your kids.

Organizing the heck out of your home but there’s still lack of storage.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. You need a bigger house. You need a space that works for your family.

That’s why I designed the Home Run Method. To help families like yours move with ease. So you can get the space and the quality of life you’ve been wanting for a while.

With partners like Jivan Sanghera, Mike Serravalle, Burloak Movers, and Chris Carter, we’re able to help create a stress-free move and find your perfect home.

Grab your copy of our free guide HERE and add me as a friend on Facebook – I post daily tips and tools to help your family move up seamlessly.

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$500 towards a pre-list renovation with ListingLoans.ca and 0% interest with your ListingLoan or a FREE home inspection on purchase ($500 value).

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