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3045 New Street, Burlington, ON, Canada, Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7N 3V9

It would be my honor to help a fellow BD in any way possible.  My credentials..  Ranked Three Best Mortgage Brokers in Burlington.   15 years as a top volume Mortgage Broker plus 15 years in Senior Management positions with Canada’s biggest banks.  This means YOU get access to senior level advice…and at no cost.   I’m sharing info the Banks don’t want you to have.  Call me anytime.

Want an opinion on your current mortgage?  Need a new mortgage and just need that second opinion?  No problem. I’m happy to listen and offer my be recommendations.  No cost.

Don’t want to talk, but want information? I got you covered.   I’m also the founder and editor of  With almost 500 articles published, there’s a ton of info that you are welcome to search.   Gents, let me know how I can help.

Contact Information
Phone: 905-334-4263
BD Contact:
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The BD Group has helped so many. Time to give back to the Dads. FREE appraisals. FREE legal fees to qualified applicants on all mortgage refinances. (an $1100.00 value). Check your renewal rate with me to ensure you are getting the lowest rate. FREE no cost Mortgage Transfers.

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