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185 Plains Road East, Burlington, ON, Canada L7P 2C4

A driving school for people who want more than the typical driving school.

Small class sizes, focused on meeting the individual needs of the students.

Instructors who are professionally trained as instructors and bringing years of training expertise before becoming Driving Instructors.

We are sensitive to students with learning difficulties or who just want the best training available.

We understand IEPs and we have experience  training students with Anxiety, ADHD, Aspergers and Autism.

Our school philosophy and our full engagement driving system is about being the best driver, all the time, because you need that level of skill to drive these days.

We also encourage the whole family to be involved in our training, because car use and crashes are all family events.

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Phone: 905-634-1077
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15% off list price for BDs,
5% of BD sales will be donated annually to

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